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I remember those old days when we used to squeeze in our second hand Fiat Padmini car.

It used to be a sight for people watching us come out.. one after the other.. total 11 of us in the car!! Phew..!! My cousins somtimes used to sit in the car boot(dickie).

Others somehow could manage with only half butt taking the sitting position.

There even used to be times when i had to get out of the car to push start it. Pushing the car alone was some great achievement for me that time.

Our Fiat was so problematic that we used to end up praying to god and trying to push ourselves forward at steep slopes. The car used to struggle to move on the hill.
And once it reached the other side of the hill we used to say”Ganapati bappa morya..”… all in sync.. !!

My sister on the other side used to tell me, “The car crossed only cause i had crossed fingers”, and i used to thank her for that.

Well, its almost 10 years now. I got my first job.

The day of my joining there is somebody waiting for me at the aiport holding my name on the playcard.

After I hello him, he goes to get the car. I am expecting some Indica or some that kinda vehicle.

But, there comes a huge black Sonata right infront of me, the chauffer opens the door for me!

I am proud!

I smile and turn right. I can see my self in the reflection of the window mirror, smiling at myself.

Thanks to Directi.. My first company.