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We reached Dallas(DFW) airport at around 5.30pm.. Hell, they even charge for the trolleys here; that to $3.. We got one trolley, tried making the most efficient use of it.. 6 bags on one trolley… :)
Dad had enabled international roaming on his SIM.. So called up sis.. She said she wud be there within 10mins, as there was traffic on the highway..
So while waiting at the exit, i was privileged to see some amazing cars.. Cars that make every Indian open their mouth wide OPEN.. Mazda, Nissan, Porsche, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Audi being some brands.. Saw the amazing Ford MUSTANG :-)
After waiting for 15mins.. A white Corolla arrives.. It does not come close to us but is parked some 50metres away..
Suddenly sis comes out of nowhere!! She runs towards Dad.. Was expecting her to come and hug mom first.. But no..
“Hmmm… why did she hug dad first?? Oh.. She must have seen dad fuming with anger for coming in late.. Damn.. Munnabhai was correct.. Jadoo Ki Jhappi always to the rescue.. ” i said to myself after some brain processing.
She then hugs me and mom together..
I can see other 4 sis’ friends. After shaking hands i realise that the Corolla won’t be enough for us..
“Wats wrong with her?? She knew we wud be getting so much luggage.. Still she had to get her friends! Idiot.. Moron” speaking to myself.. Am sure mom and dad were with me on this though..
While sis’ friends are loading the Corolla, i see a white Limo behind..
“WOW.. Its a Limo… MOM.. see that.. Its a Limo..” i proclaimed..
“WAT?” mom replies as she is trying to count the bags being loaded in the car.. (Typical Mom)
“Limo mom… Limousine… In short LIMO” i reply excitedly!!
“It’s must be for some Big Person.. Its nice but” she replied..
I see sis moving away with remaining bags.. Wondering where she is taking it.. There were no cars behind that limo.. I can see a well dressed chauffeur loading the Limo with bags.. After sometime i realise that they were our bags that were making it into the Limo’s boot.
“WTF!!!!??? FUCK… WATS GOING ON HERE??????” i screamed!!!!
“Guys.. this is for you’ll… ” sis replies.. I am stunned!!!
“Are you kidding me?? Are u crazy? Are u in senses??” Well, i realize that they all mean the same.. But was out of words that time..
“Go on guys.. Its for you’ll..” she smiles.. and replies..

After sometime i find myself in one of the most luxurious car in the world.. WOW!!

Me and mom posing with the limo
Me and mom posing with the limo

Family re-union... in the US.. inside the Limo.. :)
Family re-union… in the US.. inside the Limo.. :)